Playing Catch-up is a podcast about games. Yes, another one.

Hosts Tom Bailey and Paul Thomas have shelves (and hard drives) full of old games they haven’t managed to get to yet. In order to rectify this, they pick a game from each other’s list each week for the other to go away and play. A week later, they come back and discuss their ‘homework’ before picking next week’s games.

Oh, and they record it for your listening pleasure. Quite the treat, I’m sure you’ll agree.

This site is basic, we realise. It’s early days for the pod and we’ll spruce this place up once we’re properly up and running. For now, we just hope you enjoy the show. If so, please feel free to say hello (or tell us how we could be doing things better) here:

Twitter: @catchuppod
Email: hello@playingcatchup.co.uk

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